VALENTINE’S ♥ CHALLENGE!! The Family Surprising Mystery Guests with NEW GAME routine (heart master)

VALENTINE’S ♥ CHALLENGE!!  The Family Surprising Mystery Guests with NEW GAME routine (heart master)

a fun morning making challenges for the spacestation crew!!


Best Valentines Day Ever 1076

This morning Adley, Jenny, and I came up with a really really really good idea. We’re having a pizza party at the spacestation and we thought it would be a lot of fun to surprise the crew with a bunch of Valentines Day challenges!! So I decide to take Adley and Jenny as my date!

After some delicious pizza, Aldey and I start hosting the party! We bring up contestants to do cookie trick shots, move candy hearts with nothing but a straw, and see how is the best cupid with our new nerf toys!! Its really funny, because a lot of these games are new to the crew so they have to learn them from Adley!!

The teams are evenly matched and they when we get to our very last challenge, the score is all tied up! Who’s going to win. What team is going to be the valentines 2020 winner?!!

After the SpaceStation, we head home. Jenny got sick, so i’m taking care of the kiddos and need to go through our dinner and night routine. After getting the kids fed, we go downstairs to take care of our pet guinea pigs and makes sure they are liking their new house and play park.

While we’re down there, Niko Bear learns a super cool new trick!!

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