Stuttering, my story. How I reduced my stuttering. What courses/coach would I recommend?

Stuttering, my story. How I reduced my stuttering. What courses/coach would I recommend?
Work to eliminate stuttering using the Breakthrough method
The program of the course “Freedom of Speech” aims to elimination of stuttering

Stuttering, my story. How I reduced my stuttering. What courses/coach would I recommend?

In this video I talk about stuttering and how I was able to reduce mine. Watch this video if you want to lean some tips, tricks and techniques that might help you to deal with your stuttering. I am very specific about that I did to deal with my stuttering and I also provide you with a number of mental tools that you might want to make as part of your arsenal. I had been stuttering for a very long time and I it was not fun at all – every time I was about to say something, I knew I would stumble. My only desire was to be able to speak normally, just like all the other people around me did. Living a stutter-free life is something that each of us deserves. Watch this video, tell us what you think and share your story – what’s your battle with stuttering been like? Thanks for watching!

The first difference: no fake promises and guarantees in “BREAKTHROUGH” program
Firstly, there are no false guarantees that after my lessons you will stop stuttering in 3 days once and for all. And that’s good because this aspect confuses people about their potential possibilities in their future. For me, a very important, criterion of efficiency is a live and comfortable speech, which you don’t get tired from and you are satisfied with it.

It may take a few weeks and it is desirable that you were in touch with the teacher during this period when it is necessary to suggest specific decisions. My approach cannot be compared with the approach of Snezhko and Anna Deeter, who ask to say something to the camera on the 3rd day. Then you’re “healthy” so good-bye to you. In these 3 days not every student immediately gets the same speech as he can watch in the video with Anna Deeter. Yes, some stutterers can get a very good positive dynamics with the help of the “Etalon” course, but not all the stutterers get such a result and, of course, there isn’t 100% lifetime guarantee.

The second difference: some variants of duration of your “BREAKTHROUGH” program
The training program “BREAKTHROUGH” by Aleksandr Degilevich has couple variants of duration: 4 days, 10 days so you can take any duration to practice your skills. Also I have a trial lesson, which is also very helpful for many stutterers.

In a couple of days my program gives you fully information about how to learn to speak easily, freely and comfortably just by following simple instructions and practicing it on the level of a habit. Further results cannot be known for exactly 100% and they depend mostly on the student himself. But in these 2-3 days you’ll already get the feeling about your real speech potential. In difference with the “Etalon” course by Anna Deeter, with “BREAKTHROUGH” you can freely choose your own speed of making your speech free and normal.

I believe that 3 days are not really enough for deep understanding and consolidation of a new speech skill. The trial lesson lets a person make a so called “test-drive” of a program. We look at your degree of stuttering, find solutions on the spot. Of course, we go through several working methods.

The third difference: you’re being taught by a person who was constantly stuttering for many years
Let me tell you about some moments in the “Etalon” program which I strongly disagree with: so called “harmful” elements which don’t lead to normal and natural speech. Neither Anna Deeter nor Roman Snezhko had been stuttering before they created their “Etalon” course…

Live stutter free in only 3 days ,- Is it possible to achieve that in 3 days?

“Dropped stuttering in 3 days”,”Stuttered for life. Got unblocked in 3 days”,”Stuttering Gone in 3 Days”, “Stuttering unblocked in 3 days”, “Live stutter free in only 3 days”,”Get out of Stuttering Whell in 3 days”, “Drop speech limitations in 3 days”… is it true or a marketing ploy?

Does Etalon Speech Gymnastics help fast to eliminate the problem of stuttering for real?
What do Anna Deeter and Roman Snezhko keep quiet about?

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With the wishes of a successful and stable overcoming of stuttering, Alexander Degilevich.

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