SLP Sanjay Kumar: Stammering, Post therapy by Speech & Hearing Expert an AIIMS Alumnus

SLP Sanjay Kumar: Stammering, Post therapy by Speech & Hearing Expert an AIIMS Alumnus

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SLP Sanjay Kumar is an International Speech Language Pathologist/SLP, Audiologist and Speech Therapist. An alumnus of AIIMS New Delhi and AIISH Mysore. He did his B.Sc.(Hons) Speech and Hearing from AIIMS New Delhi and Master Of Science In Speech Language Pathology from AIISH Mysore.

Recognized Globally in telerehabilitation/Online Speech Therapy for the assessment and treatment of various communication disorders. He has a special interest in Voice Disorders, Stammering, Invisible Digital Hearing aids, Articulation Disorders of Speech. Some of his work before and after treatment/therapy can be seen after writing ” SLP Sanjay Kumar Video” while searching online. Must try to watch these videos before consulting him specially if you have voice disorders. These videos have given big hope across the globe for the people having various voice disorders.

He is the founder of “Sanjay Speech Hearing and Rehabilitation Centre” where people from different part of the world are also coming for their communication disorders treatment. Also working as chief speech language pathologist and audiologist at this Center. He strongly believes in evidence-based practices.

At our Sanjay speech Hearing Rehabilitation Center, Bangalore, India we have seen very impressive result during working with people having communication disorders like Puberphonia (feminine voice in males), Vocal Cord paralysis, Stammering, Functional Aphonia (sudden complete loss of voice), Functional dysphonia, Soft voice, Pitch problem.


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