Relaxed parents Stop screaming at your child I Subliminal video by Julia Noyel

Relaxed parents Stop screaming at your child I Subliminal video by Julia Noyel

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Today’s Session: Educating children is wonderful. But sometimes it is also extremely stressful and it can happen that we lose control and we start screaming at our children. We also often repeat our parents’ behavior with our own children. However, that can have a negative effect on our children. If you often scream at your child and then regret it afterward, this video is for you.
Here’s a list of some affirmations in this video (you and me):
I stay calm in every situation with my child – I can easily communicate my boundaries – I stay consistent – I trust that my child is capable – I am compassionate to my child.

***This video contains subliminal messages and binaural sounds. They promote relaxation and meditation. Subliminal messages are hidden affirmations perceived by our minds below our level of consciousness. The subliminal messages speak directly to our subconscious, reprogramming our belief system and speeding our well-being. Headphones can improve the result. ***

You don’t need to look at the video, it is normal that you do not hear the messages as they are subliminal, your subconscious mind is able to hear them. Listen to the audio at a normal volume at least 30 minutes to be efficient, however the more you listen the faster and more efficient the results will be (up to a maximum of 1 hour per day). If you feel any strong discomfort in your body while listening to the video, please stop it.

Binaural sounds can have side effects. Find out more about the side effects before you decide to watch this video. DO NOT hear these videos if you have epilepsy, are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or are experiencing severe psychological or addictive disorders. Hear these videos only when you’re in a safe room and have time to relax. Do not listen to these videos when you drive a car, use machinery or make important decisions.

This video DOES NOT replace medical treatment. Please see a doctor.

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