Let´s Talk About Stuttering Again second try

Let´s Talk About Stuttering Again second try

Is my second try on this idea, I will try to keep uploading as soon as I can, this is my story as a stutterer man.

-This is a Bilingual channel, English and Spanish

-Este es un canal Bilingüe, Español y Ingles

Whoever wants to hear me out, I am not sure what this videos will do for me, but hopefully will work for someone who struggles with stuttering (Tartamudos). I am doing this channel for self-help, but at the same time I want to help others who have been stutter for their whole life, now I am in my 40s and I am a professional Cinematographer, Photographer, some Directors tell me that my superpower is the way I communicate with the world via Images, most of my life I lived with fear of talking and my only way of communicating with the world was through images.

I am not a therapist, I speak from the heart and mind of a person who born as a severe stutterer, I will tell my stories in order to help others who are like me stutterers, I am not trying to diminish what therapists do, but I believe I can help more stutterers, than a lot of therapists.

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