IT Chapter 1 Recap by Billy and Pennywise (Watch before Chapter 2)

IT Chapter 1 Recap by Billy and Pennywise (Watch before Chapter 2)

Im soo excited for Chapter 2 this Friday!

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Here’s the lyrics –
It chapter 1 recap

Hello Georgie
What a nice boat
Do you want it back?
Take it

Rainy day, 1988,
I’m waxing my bros boat, he wants to play,
But little did I know, never again,
Would I see his face,

Summer comes around, I won’t back down,
I tell my friends Georgie could be stuck underground,
Reluctantly they help me maybe they feel guilty,
Guys it’s just sewer water, so what it’s brown?

And Bens on the run, got his own problems,
The bowers gang cut him up, just for fun,
It’s a head on collision crosses paths with us,
The bullies our are enemies, we bounce and heal his cuts,

He’s got some good theories on what happened to Georgie,
And the hundreds of kids that go missing in Derry,
It all links to the house on neibolt street,
Ben, you’re in the loser club now officially,

But before we explore, everybody’s unsure,
We all had visions of a clown and horrible gore,
Our deepest darkest fears seem to come to life,
Then penny jumps out of the wall I think I died inside,

In the sewers,
I dreamt of you,
My losers,
I’ve missed you,

Now they’re all confused what the hell was that?
But for me that clarified where Georgie’s at,
I race my way on my bike I don’t care if they follow,
If there’s a chance Georgie’s there alive, I just got to,

They tell me don’t go in, but it’s time they listen,
For a st st stuttering someone, my speech was driven,
We take a look inside, is that Betty ripsom?
Try to help, and then the doors start closing,

Everyone’s separated and eddies fallen,
The clowns playing games with us, got us stalling,
He’s about to take a bite but it’s not real Eddie,
“Hahah it was real enough for Georgie!”

Stood there shocked, bout to get limbs ripped off,
Then bev stabs him in the head with an iron rod,
Run like hell! Now the loser clubs mad,
They blame me for eddies injury and disband,

Me and bev we tried to keep them together,
You gotta trust us guys this way we’re safer,
Some weeks go by, and bev goes missing,
Penny, the loser club is back in commission,

In the sewers,
I dreamt of you,
My losers,
I’ve missed you,

Head into the house, Henry wants a bout,
But only mikes left up there to knock him out,
He pushes him down, the well, live with the clown,
And the quest for bev continues underground,

Flash lights and steel pipes, nervous boys fear frights,
Where’d Stanley go? Being gnawed on with big bites,
We found bev floating, Ben gives her a kiss,
I woulda been jealous, but that bit I missed,

Cus I was too busy, started talking with Georgie,
It’s nice even though I know, that it’s penny,
He’s tryn trick me, but I double bluff on him,
Put the gun to his head and pierce the skin,

Then he starts shaking, the body’s transforming,
Pennywise just won’t die, it’s time for fighting,
Swing hit and a miss, Eddie gets vomit,
There’s too much for him to take on he’s gotta quit,

Sweat drops and dribble covered the clowns face,
As he sits up against the well disgraced,
You’ll be back in 27 years that’s okay,
We’ll be back to finish the job, now crumble away,

In the sewers,
I dreamt of you,
My losers,
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