How to Teach Your Child to SAY Colors Using the iPad

How to Teach Your Child to SAY Colors Using the iPad

This week Jessica interviews Autism Mom and the Creator of Sayin it Sam- Nea Hanscomb.

Link to Download iPad App:

Sayin’ It Sam is going to help babies learn language skills and motivate kids with speech disorders to use their voices.

Here is a demo of Sayin’ It Sam. Get it now, it’s free.

Here’s how you play the game:

1. Sam will ask, “What color is it?” for the object on the screen: train, dog, bird, butterfly, geometric shape or balloon.

2. Let’s say the object is a blue balloon. When your child says “blue” the balloon pops and Sam jumps up and down, claps and exclaims, “Good job!”

By the same token the train drives away, the butterfly takes off, the bird flutters, the dog catches the Frisbee, and shapes sparkle – with sound effects!

3. If your child has a hard time pronouncing “blue,” Sam will pause for a second and say, “Try again!” If the child is still unsuccessful, Sam will say encouragingly, “You can do it!”

Our games are developed to accept common speech patterns of early language learners.

So if a child says boo, buh, bwoo, buh-luh, loo, bah, for the color “blue,” Sam enthusiastically accepts this, too.

4. If the child does not respond, the game will go back to the beginning so your child can practice again.

5. Or you can assist children with speech disorders and/or your early language learners (8 months to 2 years) by pausing the game and practicing the word “blue” before tapping to continue.

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