[HLBD S-SABBY] ☆ Did I stutter? ☆【NaruHina】

[HLBD S-SABBY] ☆ Did I stutter? ☆【NaruHina】

Heey Sabby!! surprise surprise! haha not really i know xD
but it’s finally finished rendering, I watched it, thought it’s good enough and so I’m uploading it.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I know I’m SO goddamn late. For everyone else who reads this: her birthday was on 21 May (*hides*). but I’ve been so busy with exams and stuff during that time so I promised to finish it in July. (holidays yay!) and as you can see, I did. *proud* .. *gets slapped* xD

um.. sth ’bout the video itself: first off, it’s fast-paced, hope not too fast at some parts xD
secondly: It’s got a little storyline, but since it’s only 38 seconds, you might not get it. I’ll explain it to you:
Naruto meets Hinata at night, she cheers him up and he takes her to his home.. they chat a little bit and then Naruto asks her to go to a festival with him. on the day of the festival, they meet up and Hinata is so super sexy and beautiful (xDD) that it takes naru’s breath away. yay… what else… they have fun and in the end naruto confesses to her and they kiss during the fireworks. awww~~ *w*

i never thought such a short video could take up so much time, guys!! it’s incredible! D:

hope you like it! comments are appreciated ^^

love ya guys and love ya sabby-sis!! =D
– sanny


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