Following the Iowa chaos, Sanders and Buttigieg set to clash Democratic debate in New Hampshire – L

Following the Iowa chaos, Sanders and Buttigieg set to clash Democratic debate in New Hampshire  – L

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Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use ( Bernie Sanders may finally get a nasty taste of what it’s like to be a front runner as Democrats face off in what is shaping up as the most important — and contentious — presidential debate yet just days ahead of the New Hampshire primary.  With the rumpled lefty grabbing the lead in many polls, Sanders could get hammered by rivals eager to knock him off his perch Friday night, especially Elizabeth Warren who is battling for some of the same progressive voters.  But Pete Buttigieg may also have a bullseye on his back after emerging as the breakout youthful star of the campaign so far.  And Joe Biden will be desperate to show voters that he has a pulse after a dismal performance in Iowa that he admitted amounted to a “punch in the gut.”  Got that?  All seven candidates on stage are likely to have major points to prove in the clash set for Manchester, New Hampshire, in a contest that may shape the future of the stuttering race to battle President Trump in November.  The debate between the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary is often seen as a pivotal moment because it comes as the first votes have been counted and as many voters nationwide are starting to focus on the contest in earnest.  The biggest shift from previous Democratic clashes is likely to be Sanders playing the newfound role as the putative front runner in the still-crowded street fight. He’s likely to face more and nastier attacks from rivals who have mostly avoided launching attacks on the self-proclaimed socialist.  The sharpest elbows for Sanders may come from Warren, who is under pressure to outperform him after a lackluster third-place performance in Iowa. Warren has mostly avoided digs at Sanders but she could be desperate to recapture the magic of a summer surge that boosted her above him in the polls.  Buttigieg may also find some sharp knives waiting for him after he emerged with an unlikely powerful polling bounce from the chaotic Iowa caucus, in which he claimed a debatable victory.  Mayor Pete, who is the youngest and least well-known of the candidates, has the potential to emerge as the main moderate rival to Sanders, an enviable position from which others like Amy Klobuchar may hope to dislodge him.  No candidate has more at stake than Biden.  The former vice president limps toward New Hampshire after barely beating Klobuchar for fourth place in Iowa. He’s been a less-than-impressive debate performer so far and he needs to display energy and emotion on Friday, or he could be staring another ugly defeat in the face on Tuesday.  Because this debate comes just before the pivotal New Hampshire contest, it has sometimes played an outsized role in nominating contests. Four years ago, Marco Rubio was on a roll after a surp


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