first part of a nomination video for alex turner for the oscars

first part of a nomination video for alex turner for the oscars

The second part should be out before the next ceremony, don’t worry. And don’t forget to give him your vote, I think he deserves it!

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videos I used:
dip 1:
dip 2:
dip 3:
dip 4:
dip 5:
dip 6:
dip 7:
phone call 1:
phone call 2:
phone call 3:
phone call 4 and 5:
pretty visitors 1:
pretty visitors 2:
tongue along your cheek 1:
tongue along your cheek 2:
flag semaphores 1:
flag semaphores 2:
flag semaphores 3:
ice cream scooper:
coat piling 1:
coat piling 2:
coat piling 3:
what does Alex exactly need:
come here kid 1:
come here kid 2:
come here kid 3:
come here kid 4:
come here kid 5:
come here kid 6:
come here kid 7:
blushing 1:
blushing 2:
rainy day 1:
rainy day 2:
colouring the pictures:
driving 1:
driving 2:
driving 3:
unfamiliar grip:
walking 1:
walking 2:
2 way mirror 1 way street:
4 stars out of 5:
teeth colliding 1:
teeth colliding 2:
teeth colliding 3:
taqueria on the roof:
swimming 1:
swimming 2:
swimming 3:
cheek kiss:
shining spiral eye 1:
shining spiral eye 2:
shining spiral eye 3:
shining spiral eye 4:
voice echo:
won’t let go:
helter skelter 1:
helter skelter 2:
helter skelter 3:
helter skelter 4:
helter skelter 5:
helter skelter 6:
helter skelter 7:
helter skelter 8:
helter skelter 9:
helter skelter 10:
helter skelter 11:

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