EASY! Ford Escape + others V6 Idle Air Control Valve Replace Repair (IAC)

EASY! Ford Escape + others V6  Idle Air Control Valve Replace Repair (IAC)

2001 Ford Escape V6, would not Idle, after it warmed up it would idle at a VERY low RPM (like 200?). Blew copious amounts of white smoke after starting at 3000-4000 RPM. I thought the head gasket was blown and had vacuum leaks until I found info on this IAC ( Idle Control Valve ). This repair is so simple you don’t even need your own tools, just borrow a 5/16 socket from your neighbor or the auto parts store. This video differs from others on youtube because it shows the motor running with the bad part, without the part, and with the new part. *** Update*** It has been a few weeks, cold weather has set in @ 15F it still starts and runs just fine. I did not mention in the video that upon examination the old IAC had some significant scars on the rod which I feared may affect performance and made the decision to buy a new one more imperative. **update** 9-10-14, got “the” call from the mechanic this morning that he will no longer issue a state inspection sticker for this car. The under carriage is too rusted, the CAT is leaking, the Y exhaust is shot. So what we own is a good set of tires, a good motor & tranny, to sell for junk!


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